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Kensington Home For The Aged
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About Us

The Home was an idea borne by a group of community leaders, viz The Maitland Welfare Society.
They saw the need for an Old Age Home for its pensioners, elderly and destitute in the communities of Kensington, Factreton (formerly known as Windermere) and Maitland.
The Department of Health and Welfare at the time, now known as Department of Social Development assisted the Welfare Society to raise funds and so enabled them to pursue their goals. The Kensington Home for the Aged came into being in 1972, the same year its first stone was laid.
The Home is a registered voluntary residential facility for the Aged (of previously disadvantaged backgrounds) hereby constituted and shall be called KENSINGTON HOME FOR THE AGED, (KOAH).
The Home strives to provide quality residential care to the elderly, frail, infirm and physically challenged adults, dependant on their needs and assistance in an enabling and supportive environment, hereto their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and therapeutic needs are met.
The organization subscribes to the ‘Older Person’s Act’ (ACT No. 13 of 2006) which seeks to improve the quality of the older person’s life and their right to a dignified existence.
To ensure the wellbeing of the residents, persons from the community at varying levels, bearing diverse talents and energy find a common cause with each other be it nurses, volunteers, helpers, personnel or aids and in so doing manage to achieve the goals set by the Home.

NPO Certificate
PBO Certificate
Tax Clearance Certificate

Physical Address: Corner 12th Avenue & Avro Avenue, Kensington, Cape Town
Tel: 021 593 2274/85
GPS: 90 Avro Avenue, Kensington, Cape Town
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